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Wahzu Wahzu cover small

Eric is grabbing the back of his own thigh because he has suffered a horrible dancing accident. We played at our friends’ wedding and then danced our butts off. People always tell us that Eric should start a side-line where he gets paid to dance at weddings. No matter whose wedding it is, at some point Eric gets on the dancefloor and before I know it all of the 18 year old girls and all of the 50 year old women are pointing at him and whispering. Staring. Gawking. “Who is that?” they ask the bride. “Who, Eric? Oh that’s my –fill in the blank– uncle/cousin/best friend’s husband,” they say. “He’s a really good dancer.”

Eric was dancing so furiously prior to this photo and I had never laughed so hard in my life. Eric says he dances just for me, which is really sweet. He’s written me some of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard, but we’re musicians and we’re supposed to do that. I hear them for the first time and they make me cry. And then we start performing them in front of hundreds of people and I forget the song was for me. Suddenly the song belongs to everyone. But his dance moves…those are still mine.

The night this picture was taken he was coming up with some incredible stuff. Improv dancing like I’d never seen. He was on fire and I laughed until I cried. At one point he pulled me into him. Did some incomprehensible footwork and spins, and then he tried to dip me. He’d been drinking margaritas and not enough water. He was dripping with sweat. And his hamstring gave out. We both fell to the floor and he grabbed his leg in pain. I couldn’t stop laughing. I think people thought he was trying something really crazy, but in reality we both had just collapsed. I, in a fit of laughter, Eric, with cramps. We got him up off the floor eventually and fed him water until he recovered. Thankfully Sarah Beck was there to capture it.

We thought it only fitting to use this photo as the cover of our new album, which was inspired by some of our favorite dance music, and also to some extent, this wedding. This week is the official launch of our fundraising campaign in support of our album Wahzu Wahzu. For the past year and a half we (Eric + Jen: best friends, husband + wife, partners in all things) have been writing and recording 12 new songs in the parlor of this 19th century farmhouse in Upstate New York that we call home.

When I first met Eric it was in the elevator of our college dormitory almost 16 years ago. After that initial encounter I kept seeing him in the 17th floor lounge. I lived on the 18th floor and could see down into the lounge from my window. Eric would be sitting there, staring out at the Amherst hills, playing his guitar and scribbling in his notebook. The first few times I saw him I tried to get his attention, but he couldn’t see or hear me. So I just watched him like a creep. And then, after awhile, I would go downstairs to the lounge to find him. This was where we collaborated on our first songs. I’m sure they were terrible. Except for one. That one was really good.

There are lots of fun and exciting (and nerve-wracking {for me!}) details about our Wahzu Wahzu project. You can learn about them on our project page. Read about the album, our efforts, and the fun gifts you get in exchange for your support by clicking HERE.

It is a strange thing to ask for money so publicly. A thing I am not entirely comfortable with. But in life we do uncomfortable things. Like dancing with hamstring cramps. For now I will leave you with our newest music video that we released in support of our campaign. A (creepy) love song Eric wrote once upon a time.

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