Rest Fest

rest fest 2014 4For the past couple of weeks I’ve been eating, sleeping, and breathing music festival. When I get a spare second I’m hustling around the gardens thrusting seeds heads into paper bags, canning tomatoes (reluctantly), and braiding onions. But mostly I’ve been hauling instruments and gear in and out of the parlor and gathering up every suitcase I own for merchandise displays at the music festival our collective throws at the end of each summer. It was the 5th year of Rest Fest and I am only now starting to come down from the high of the weekend where my friends turn into serious festival logistics specialists. It is not easy to throw a two-day, two-stage, 20 band music festival, yet we’ve done it 5 years in a row. It just keeps getting better and I keep getting prouder. I’m honored to be a part of this hard-working, talented group of folks. You can read more about Rest Fest HERE.  Or you can just look at the pictures from our set. I’m gonna go can more tomatoes.

rest fest 2014 2


rest fest 2014 8

rest fest 2014 5


rest fest 2014 9

rest fest 2014 6

rest fest 2014


rest fest 2014 7

photos courtesy of Brian Tromans

HERE are some images of Rest Fests past.

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