Harvest Season

flower-garden-2My dining room is filled with bushel baskets. They are brimming with dry beans still in their papery husks, paper bags filled with firework shaped dill seed heads, c shaped calendula seeds. The jars of fermenting tomato seeds are at least attracting the fruit flies away from the tomatoes themselves. (Fermentation is important for tomato seeds in order to break down the gelatinous outer coating. This makes the seed ready for germination and also helps to prevent some disease). The walls are covered in onion braids. The shelves in the pantry are towering with baskets of garlic. It is officially harvest season.


Eric has already helped me make two giant batches of tomato sauce and I canned two more of whole tomatoes. He patiently waited while I collected their seeds before chopping the flesh into the sauce pot. Yesterday morning Eric left early for work and I slept in until 7:45 (ooh la la!). I woke up to a tower of containers he’d left on the counter so I could transfer the sauce we’d made and store it in the chest freezer. You would have thought he’d left me roses. Any little bit of help I can get this time of year makes me feel like a lucky girl.


foxglove and dahlia.

calendula-2calendula petals drying for soap


This is currently the only part of the property presentable enough for a photo unless you count the back field that is positively bursting with Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s so beautiful we staged not one but two video shoots out there last week. Everything else looks like a jungle explosion. The vegetable gardens are like wilderness caged-in and have become something more of a nature film than a well-tended farmstead.

Eric and I went out on Sunday in attempts to harvest beans and summer squash and instead we found ourselves huddling in a corner watching as three snakes played a game we like to call “tangle and writhe.” The rules are simple. First you find two other snakes to play with. Second, you tangle yourself up with them and start writhing. Then, when curious onlookers least expect it: DISPERSE! The snake who can get to the onlookers the fastest wins.

There’s also a rabbit living in there whose burrow I have yet to find.
There will be a lot of fence mending come spring. And, I think, a lot more snakes.

On a related note, Happy Birthday to my brand new niece Emma!
I know you can’t read yet and you’ve never even met me, but I love you.

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