Time of No Reply









I don’t have much to say. I worked for three straight weeks and it left me speechless, a little grumpy (okay, very grumpy), and weary. I think this is common for me this time of year. I just want to gaze at the turning leaves and listen to Nick Drake while drinking black coffee. Is that so wrong?

Is there something you want to know? Leave me a comment if you like (I would like it very much). It is ever so difficult to find the comments section if you don’t know it’s there. (This is something I have tried to change, but to no avail). Click on the grey conversation bubble with the + inside. That will get you there.

PS Don’t let the title of this post fool you in to thinking I won’t reply.
I am only quoting the Nick Drake song that makes me cry every autumn. A good, proper cry with seasonal closure. I highly recommend it. (Both the song & the cry).

2 thoughts on “Time of No Reply

  1. I totally get what you mean 🙂 I think it is just part of the time of year. I love to garden, and now that we have finally bought our little farm I’m almost rabid with delight, lol. So much to do in the spring and summer… almost non stop. By the time autumn comes around I’m always thankful that everything is getting ready to sleep for a few months. I feel like I could sleep for a few months! This will last until Mid-February and then I’ll be recharged and ready to go for another outdoor season 🙂 I’m so glad there are seasons. It gives us all a chance to shift gears and catch our breath 🙂

    • You’re so right Jodi. I always feel simultaneous relief and sadness this time of year. Growing up I always dreaded winter. Now I am grateful for the rest and renewal it gives. Best of luck on the new farm!

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