new look!

Rena & James E. back of garage

We’re wrapping up the gardens and putting them to bed beneath a thick bed of chopped maple leaves. We’re removing the dried and withered stems of zinnias and cosmos. We’re stocking up on soap, infusing oils with herbs, and blending salves and balms. And we have a new name! A new, very old, and apt name: The Kirk Estate. How fitting.

Margaret Kirk Warner

We are rebranding our shop and farm in the image of our ancestors, who made this endeavor of ours possible. Thank you ancestors.

Grandpa Kirk 2

Along with our new name you can find our revamped website HERE.
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You’ll get farm updates, potentially useless nuggets of information, and all sorts of pretty pictures.

Doris & Donna (aunt Donna giving the finger)Thanks for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without you either.

PS When Eric and I were teaching in Thailand, anytime we came in to the classroom with something new (whether it was a new haircut or a new shirt) our students would shout “New Look! New Look!” nearly in unison. It clearly stuck with me.


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