Big Big Love

Oh hey. Here’s a music video Eric and I made in our field when it was swimming in Queen Anne’s lace. (And that is why I always have her seeds stuck to my sweaters now). I think this means we can never have cows. I heard that cow’s milk is undesirable when they eat Queen Anne’s lace. Either that or they die. Which is a really big difference. Thankfully we don’t have cows. If we did they would be dead. Or their milk would taste bad. Either way, poor cow. So instead of cows we have flowers (or weeds as others call them). And these weeds are good for the bees and the not mowing is good for the earth (and good for the mice, but that’s not really what I’m going for…though more mice means more hawks and this year even Blue Herons evolving to land and I’m all about the circle of life). I digress…

queen anne

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