Ghost House


Today we’re releasing our six song EP Ghost House. But I’m having trouble knowing what to say about it. I’m really thinking about how I wish we had put the snow tires on the car already. But we didn’t because the wind was blowing so darn much that it was painful.

I’m also thinking about Thanksgiving and how I haven’t done a single thing to prepare for it except to make sure that my turkey lady has reserved one of her birds for me. That’s a start I guess.

And really most especially my mind is swirling with redesigning websites and soap labels and the overpowering aroma of soap in my workshop. And I’m thinking about the album we’re really working on which is called Wahzu Wahzu and won’t be out until next year some time. It is the one we have been pouring our hearts into. Ghost House was just an aside. A parenthesis in the novel. It was a way for us to escape from the in-depth trawling through the oceans of sound and just come to the surface for awhile. Float on our backs. Feel the sun on our faces. Splash around a little before we were obliged to dive back in and finish a project that, for awhile, never seemed like it would end.

So here we are. Celebrating the parentheses when the novel is nearly complete. It feels a bit strange and also sad. And simultaneously triumphant. So many people keep mistaking this EP for the big project we’ve been talking about. Maybe because it seems insane to work on two albums at once. I guess it kind of is. And so that’s the worst part. Feeling like you’re throwing a party for one of your children, while your other child stays in the shadows because they’ve joined the CIA. Something like that. We are looking forward to the day when we can celebrate the other child too.  I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. Snow tires.

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