Don’t Give Up Wine for Windows


My kitchen looks like the parents went away for the weekend and left the kids home alone. Except the kids are pretty organized and drink lots of wine. Wine bottles are in boxes instead of strewn randomly about the house. But there are a lot of them. We don’t pay for recycling pick up because we spend our money on wine instead. So there it sits in boxes in our kitchen.

Once we told my mom that we were going to start buying windows. One window at a time to replace the rattly, cracked, inefficient, blustery old things this house has to offer us. My mom said to me: “Don’t give up your wine for windows.” and she meant it.  So we didn’t. It’s pretty cold in here.

It’s a few days after Christmas and the parties are finally over. But New Years is almost here. I am the worst at celebrating New Years. I can’t commit. My favorite New Years memory is taking the 5 hour train ride to Montreal with my best friends. We arrived in Canada with one hour to midnight and then danced to Prince until four in the morning (it was 1999 after all). None of us brought jackets because we were from Upstate New York and we thought we understood the cold. But Canada is a different place and the windchill was 60 BELOW ZERO. My friend started crying and the tears froze to her face. This year I think I’d be happy to read all night in bed. Right now I’m reading a book about Mormon Fundamentalism and it is ENTHRALLING. Who needs sparkly glittery champagne filled parties? I have John Smith. Wow.


Here’s a picture of my favorite Christmas gift. Another old suitcase my mom pulled out of her basement. You know you have a suitcase hoarding problem when you own more than a dozen, but THAT IS JUST NOT ENOUGH.

I love you suitcases.
But here’s to getting rid of old baggage this New Year.

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