Soap Making


If you receive my newsletter you’ve been expecting this video. If you don’t get my newsletter, SURPRISE! Here’s this new video! This short film was inspired by all of the questions I get about what makes cold process soap so special and what goes in to making it. Before I made soap I never thought about soap making. It was kind of like breathing and growing and digestion and space, and all of those other incredibly complex things that happen all the time that seem so simple and seamless that we don’t ever consider them.

Since last summer Eric and I have been filming quite a bit of what goes on here at The Kirk Estate. This will be just one in a series of short films that will give you a sneak peak into our farmhouse, gardens, soap making studio, and The Kirk Estate in general.

In addition to being the director of photography, Eric also recorded the soundtrack. You can learn (only just a little bit) more about his musical side-project Bozenkill HERE.

Nerd Alert:
For the best video quality click the “full screen” icon at the bottom right of the screen (or hit play and then pause). Then click the gear icon (settings). Under the “Quality” drop down menu choose 720p HD.

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