The Surgeon’s Knife.


Things are moving and changing so fast. I feel like I’m running at full speed, but by this point I’ve been running for so long that I’m in the midst of that mythological “runner’s high.” I have never experienced this while actually running, because: I hate running. Metaphorical running however is something I am good at.

It wasn’t a day or two before the crabs in this picture had lost all of their petals. Snowing them down in pink fluttering gusts. And then the green mossy grass grew two feet tall and turned from a magical green to an ugly middle of July green. The property went from being a cute elementary student full of potential, to an awkward middle schooler in the midst of puberty. All gangly, growing in some places and not in others. It doesn’t help that we haven’t been getting much rain here, until -thankfully- last night. I would have slept through it if Eric hadn’t woken me up to tell me it was raining. I love him for that.


In the midst of the race to keep up with nature there is still other work to do. Like dishes and laundry. Which mostly go undone. The regular work is churning and humming like the beehives we constantly hear in the walls of the outbuildings. We try to ignore them, knowing that more projects might break us.

And then there are the little pats on the back we receive along the way. Like Eric coming in 2nd place in a civic app competition. Winning a good deal of money that will help further the project, as well as aid in furthering our music goals.


And in the midst of trying like heck to promote our upcoming album, we landed a track premiere in Pitchfork. We are still in a bit of shock and disbelief. A ten year long dream fulfilled. It’s funny the things that result from attention like this…offers to play shows in Scotland (as long as we can get ourselves there) and song placements on playlists for menswear boutiques in Paris. Nothing has changed and yet so much has. We continue to work hard and try to take this accomplishment in stride and put as much stock in it as we would any failure we’ve had -which is little. The only way you can keep going is to stay even keeled, which is hard in the midst of both success and failure.

A friend told me once that being an artist is a Venn diagram where one circle is marked “massive self-confidence” and a second circle is marked “crippling self-doubt.” Where the circles intersect is labeled “artist.” So true.

Have a listen to our new single. The full album will be out in July (as long as we can keep running).

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