The weeklong wedding trifecta is over. I feel kind of like Donna looks in that top photo. Exuberant -except maybe more weary than glowing. My legs are tired -but good tired. Our best friends and bandmates Nick and Donna got married on Wednesday in Auburn, NY. Eric officiated the ceremony. Friday my cousin Elise was married in a gorgeous ceremony in Amherst, MA. And Sunday we had the most beautiful fake-wedding photo-shoot here at The Kirk Estate, involving all sorts of incredible and talented folks: Mary Elise Rees Event DesignFlower Scout / Laura Andrea Harris / Alyssa Hardy / Make Me Fabulous / North Country Vintage Rentals / Classic Crust Mobile Catering / Emily Jahn. More on that shoot later when we’re done keeping secrets.


On Tuesday evening in Auburn, Nick told us our job for the morning of the wedding was to prepare the beach. We’d just arrived at the house they’d rented. Ten of us living in the multi-quartered space with multiple staircases and doorways that led to other doorways. Each room had at least two entrances which gave you the sensation of never quite knowing where you were and getting turned around so easily and magically. Like a child spinning in circles.


Nick and Donna would get married on the beach out front -on the lake that Donna grew up on. But this particular stretch of beach was a little tired. Garbage needed picking up. Sticks and rocks needed moving. Sand needed raking out. Things needed to be prettied up. Fortunately, I love picking up garbage and making things look pretty. It didn’t take long for a handful of us to tidy up the place.


Then Eric saw this gigantic driftwood stump and decided it would make the perfect altar. It was a heavy altar though, and while I raked the beach I just kept telling him how beautiful it would be as four of them hurled it into place. Once it was settled in the middle of the ceremony site Jesse (Nick’s brother and co-owner of The Foundry where we have collaborated together on many a project) suggested we decorate it with moss. So Eric and I gleefully began harvesting moss around the beach and soon Nick’s parents joined in with all sorts of found plants that Jesse arranged into a living sculpture.


When it was done it looked like it had been there for a million years. The most beautiful natural altar.

dave and paula

And then there’s this picture which I love so much. Donna’s brother and his fiance played the most incredible arrangements of “Never My Love” (via request) and “Always Be My Baby” (as a surprise) during the ceremony. In the golf cart is Donna’s Grandma. It is just perfect.

That afternoon we sat in the great room and played music. Six professional musicians making music together is quite the beautiful thing. When we played a rendition of “Creep” Donna may have cried. I may have cried. That night the rains poured down hard. We turned out all the lights and watched the lighting strike the lake in strong, white, jagged lines that stayed for so long your eyes could still see them when they were gone. We huddled on the cushions of window seats and on pillows on the ground. We hooted and wowed with each burst of electricity. And then the storm passed over us and we went up to bed, exhausted by love.

ps Thanks to our dear Alana from The Foundry for the pictures of me and Eric, as well as the group shot up top.

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