Like a Hurricane


I thought for awhile about how to write this post. I thought about it while I was on the tractor. I thought about it while I was weeding the purslane out of the marigolds. I thought about it while I tied the cilantro to the fence so it would stop shading out the beets and the carrots. I thought about it while I collected Japanese beetles into cups of soapy water.

I came to no conclusions on how best to explain what is happening right now. No eloquent words. No fulfilled dream sequence stories. Just the facts. The incredible facts that leave me feeling grateful, and humble, and proud, and terrified, with my head spinning in circles.


On Tuesday Eric and I drove down to Brooklyn to Etsy HQ where we were invited for an Eatsy lunch meeting with five Etsy admin and five other Etsy shops. We were brought there to discuss the upcoming Holiday Press Event we were invited to be a part of at the end of July. In a little under two weeks we’ll be back in the city putting together a table filled with a representation of our products. We’ll spend the evening being introduced to approximately 100 press for long-lead Holiday gift stories.

We were only at Etsy HQ for a little over an hour as we were whisked from the front reception area with a succulent display hanging from the walls, glass mosaics and a clear view into the open work space filled with desks and computers and the diverse buzzing hive of young, hard working people. After we stood in line for lunch (green salad, stuffed heirloom tomatoes, roasted potatoes, and grilled chicken with horseradish sauce) we were whisked down the stairs. The floors were wide plank wood and the ceiling was open, exposing the duct work, some of which had been covered with crocheted granny squares. We passed little nooks separated from the main areas with flowing curtains. Nooks decorated with beautiful rugs and couches where young folks sat working on their computers. There was art everywhere. Embroidery, murals, screenprints, and all of the placquards on the doors to offices or conference rooms had names like “Mozartichoke” and “Bon Bon Jovi.”

It was wonderful.  And it made me want to move to Brooklyn. Again.


When the lunch meeting was over we drove to Williamsburg where we took a quick tour of Terrorbird and met the team of publicists that are hard at work promoting our upcoming album. We left them with a giant box of cds that they’ll be shipping off to radio stations and press.

Oh yes, the cds. They arrived on Monday…


Today and tomorrow I’m paying attention to the gardens before we leave on Sunday for Portland, Maine where we will play a show with a very special, very secret, special guest. We are not at liberty to say who this special guest is, but he’s really special. If you’re near Portland you really don’t want to miss it. If you’re not near Portland… maybe you can catch him near you. I refuse to say his name. I’m still afraid I will jinx it.

PS If you follow The Kirk Estate Instagram, or The Parlor Instagram, my apologies for the photo repeats.
Repeat pictures are better than no pictures…right?

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