at least I have postcards


Oh hey. hi. I haven’t been here much, I know. I mean, it felt that way to me and then I logged into the back-end of this blog universe and there were these graphics at the top of the page showing me how often I have posted in the past year, broken up by month. 3, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 4, 3. Last month 1. I’m sorry, I just haven’t been feeling it. You know what that’s like. Truth is, things are weird. It’s winter, but it’s not winter. Yesterday it rained and it was in the 50s. This is unheard of. One warm day in January, yes (we used to refer to this as “the January thaw”). But we’ve been thawing for quite some time now.

But I’m grateful for the lack of snow because when it does get really cold (and it will, I’m sure it will) it’ll be bad news for the ticks and that is good news for humans and dogs and deer and mice. Really good news for mice because apparently they are the main source of tick borne illnesses. You know, this is another reason I haven’t been here. Because I am feeling pretty boring. And you know what they say about boring? Boring makes bad copy. No. Nobody says that. I’m making that up. (But it’s true).


So it’s winter but it’s not winter and aside from that there are an eff ton of other things going on but nothing really exciting. Just lots of work. Lots of changes. Lots of growing pains in business and music and blah blah blah, lots of foundation building… which is mainly just a lot of work and very little to show for it. But such is life. Trees need to put down roots. Not exciting above the ground, but incredibly necessary. So that is what is happening now. We are growing roots. But growing roots is not exciting to talk about, and so, alas: 1.


I hope there comes a time soon when there is something exciting to talk about. For now, HERE. Look at my Pinterest page. (Pinterest! How 2012 of me) I am new to Pinterest. I am a late bloomer. Which maybe doesn’t say much for my root growing analogy. (Or maybe it does…)

ps These are images of our new Kirk Estate postcards! (I’m excited. This is something that excites me). Starting very soon every order in our shop will get a postcard featuring 1 of 8 original designs. Designs include a botanical print combined with an historical Kirk family photo. Featured here are: James L. Kirk (my maternal grandfather), D’Esta Bull + Grandma Bull (my maternal grandmother’s mother and grandmother), and (Great) Aunt Margaret.

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