taking stock


Sometimes at night I need to wear earplugs because the wind is so loud whistling through my bedroom window. Curtains tremble. I keep thinking the spearmint has succumbed to the hard freezes, but I’ll be proven wrong later when I go to the post office, in spite of the wind. The Village Postal Workers, with their stacks of packages crowding out the office space behind the counter. I bring more to add to the pile, but we’re both happy, joyful still in the start of this quick hectic season. Maybe next week we’ll be more ragged, but this week, we’re smiling.

I’m feeling a bit taciturn. I think it’s my hibernation-animal self coming through. So I’ll just leave you with some photos. Remember to take some time for yourself when you can. Be grateful for your loved ones. And be kind to strangers. In the long-run our time on this planet is short. I keep being reminded of that. It’s good to have reminders. xoxo.





more photos at The Kirk Estate Instagram + The Parlor Instagram


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