We create our offerings because we believe in them. We create them because they work, and we personally refuse to turn back to commercial products now that we know the difference in quality, the difference in effectiveness, the difference in the health of our body + our environment.

As part of our new website + new online shop design (have you seen it?!) we created an ABOUT section where we explain the nuanced details surrounding our items. Like -why do some seed packets cost $0.99 while others (ours) are more expensive? What is it that you’re actually paying for? 

You can learn about what our palm oil policy is. Did you know we had a palm oil policy? Do you know why palm oil is contentious? Take a look to learn more about the ins and outs of our philosophy and our products.

We’ve also introduced a new section to our shop: Sacred Collections. The Universe has been trying to usher me in this direction for quite some time and I have finally listened. I listened because the world needs more healing. So do you + so do I.

I created these offerings (like all items we offer) because I wanted them myself. I needed them myself. I created them during a time when I was in desperate need of spiritual uplift. I needed to find calm + peace + healing. But sometimes (as in many things in life) the only way is to do it yourself. This couldn’t be more true when it comes to spiritual healing. There isn’t anybody in the world that’s going to give you peace without you first deciding you need to heal your spirit first. Where ever you go, there you are, as they say.

People talk a lot about self-care and how important it is. But are you really caring for yourself when you purchase a self-care product but don’t follow through on its implementation?

A friend asked me the other day if I meditated. He was aware of the difficult times I’ve had the past five years. The trauma after trauma, stress after stress. I told him I didn’t meditate, but I did yoga. That seemed to suffice for him as enough to be good for my spiritual and mental health. But then I confessed: “I do yoga, but I do it while I’m listening to the news. It’s not very relaxing.” He told me (smartly) to stop listening to the news while I do yoga. Yes yoga is still good for my body while I listen to the news, but it’s not good for my mind.

Self-care isn’t just about going through the motions of taking care of our bodies, it’s about following through and making sure we’re taking that extra step to care for our minds + spirits as well.

Our sacred collections take the healing properties of herbs that we’ve been focusing on through our soap + apothecary items, and add a layer of personal intention setting. They encourage us to use meditation and focusing on our intentions to center our spirit and calm our mind. By referencing the intentions that each included herb represents, we can embody these intentions and set them in our minds. For a moment we can take time to think to ourselves: “I am focusing on love. Protection. Happiness. Peace. Cleansing. Healing. Passion. Self-introspection. Nurturing. Grounding. Awareness. Soothing. and Rest.”  Instead of thinking of: going back to the grocery store to buy the bread we forgot and paying the electric bill and that person who cut us off on the highway and our spouse who did that thing they do that we hate and this awful weather and people who starve children and the state of politics and… Think of our sacred collections as the oxygen mask you’re supposed to put on first before assisting others.

These offerings are spiritual guides. Support systems that help us navigate our own minds and set us on the path we intend to be on, but feel a bit stuck on our own. Ordering our serums and slathering them on yourself in hopes that they will transform you will work just about as good as paying for a gym membership but not going to the gym. It’s all about the effort. But we hope the effort of setting aside time for yourself (even if it’s just one minute every day) to let yourself know you are cared for and you are loved -well, that’s bound to make anyone feel a little better. And that’s what we hope to do -encourage self-love and kindness. Because if we can’t be kind to ourselves, what good are we?

Are you curious? Read more about our self-love serum or our healing bath for self-love + compassion.
If you’re really into it, we created a self-love set just in time for Valentine’s Day. But honestly, the real gift is the stillness + peace that comes with caring for yourself. We hope we can help be your guide.

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