“You” is the tortuous snaky secret anthem of the social consumer. A half-reserved admittance of the relentlessly dreadful human tendency of comparing ourselves to others. It’s the rabbit hole down which we slide, drawing ourselves ever deeper into the mire of feeling sorry for ourselves, wondering why we aren’t more, aren’t better, aren’t complete. It is about coveting and sorrow, and yet it is always paired with a glimmer of hope that only exists because of the longing. “You” is about the toll this tugging takes on our psyche. It is about longing for the life of lies that is injected into the world by others, and it is about turning around and lying ourselves, knowing deep down that there will be those who will covet our lies too.

You can read the empathy laced write-up about our new song in Culture Collide.

Anytime we want something that we don’t have there is suffering. Anytime we experience a loss -whether of a spouse, a sibling, a parent, or a child- there is suffering. To be faced with it time and time again through the ever widening window of social media often feels like self-inflicted torture. There are times we must step away for our own well-being. When we are aware that we are at our most vulnerable -during anniversaries or birthdays -and in the case of those suffering from multiple miscarriage like myself, due dates, anniversaries, and Mother’s Day -we must make an active effort to protect ourselves. This is not only ok, it is good. Otherwise we continue the cycle of longing for a dream, not having the dream, and feeling lost + inadequate.
That’s what this song is about.

Listen below. [explicit lyrics warning -because, life is intense!]

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