It’s been 6 months since we released our new album Kiku. In celebration we’re sharing our latest music video for the song “Blind.” We shot this footage while on tour last year, traipsing through deserts with our tripod and hanging on tightly to phones precariously propped in the car window. We slept in this camper one night in the windswept desert of Joshua Tree bundled in all of our hats and jackets, tucked inside our sleeping bags and wool blankets. We listened to the coyotes howling outside. I imagined them looking like the tie-dye tshirts I admired when I was 12. The desert sky a swirl of blue dye. Cacti jutting out of the rocks. Snouts trained toward the moon.

Blind” is about running away. It’s about wanting to remove yourself from all that is comfortable: your tangle-sheeted bed, your refrigerator filled with tupperware leftovers, a half-bottle of wine. It’s about taking your favorite pair of sneakers, your favorite flannel, and your favorite person, and hopping in a car. Because at some point all of those favorite comfortable things started to remind you that life hasn’t turned out the way you planned. So you turn away from comfort because comfort is no longer comfortable. And then when you arrive you discover again that Confucius was right: “no matter where you go, there you are.” But at least it looks different.

You can read a review of our video and see its premiere on ThrdCoast
“The Parlor’s video for their new single, “Blind,” captures the freedom and loneliness of running away.”

In celebration of this anniversary, when you purchase Kiku on vinyl we’re throwing in free copies of our previous albums, Our Day in the Sun + Wahzu Wahzu. Your support literally helps us to keep making music.

Don’t have a record player? You can always stream our music:
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